Five ways to stop bloating

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One of the most common causes of bloating is also the easiest to prevent: overeating. Overeating leaves your digestive system struggling to process its food, meaning your meal can sit in your stomach and intestines for longer than it should – leading to that bloated feeling. To prevent this, opt for smaller portions consumed more frequently throughout the day. The smaller meals will digest a lot easier, while the frequency will mean you don’t go hungry.

Avoid carbonated drinks

It seems like an obvious one, but many people seem to disregard the effect of carbonated drinks on the body – particularly when it comes to bloating. When carbonated drinks are consumed, the gas in the bubbles can become trapped in the body, leading to a build-up and, you guessed it, a bloated belly. To avoid this, aim to cut down your consumption of soft drinks and sodas, and replace them with juices, smoothies or herbal teas.
Drink more green tea

Ah, the humble cup of green tea – is there anything it can’t do? Among increasing mental focus and taming problematic skin, green tea is also fantastic for reducing bloating. Try to include a few cups of green tea in your daily diet to increase your metabolism, aid digestion, and reduce uncomfortable bloating and gas. If you get bored with plain green tea, there are plenty of different varieties you can try. Lemon or peppermint versions are also particularly good for a healthy gut.

Avoid heavy foods

If comfort foods like pizza and pasta leave your stomach feeling anything but comfortable, you’re not alone. As studies show, high-carb, high-starch foods like these leave many of us with that heavy, weighted down feeling which can lead to bloating. To prevent this, opt for low-carb, high-fibre alternatives like Slendier, cauliflower rice and pizza, or zucchini pasta.

Eat more spices

Actually, mainly just turmeric and cayenne pepper. One of the reasons you may be bloated is indigestion, which is extremely common and (unfortunately) extremely uncomfortable. However, as experts say, spices like turmeric and cayenne pepper can help to alleviate indigestion and bloating, thanks to their detoxifying and digestion-stimulating properties. So, to fight an unhappy gut, work a teaspoon of either spice into smoothies or herbal teas and let the de-bloating magic happen.

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