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Most mums have tried to hide veggies in their kid’s meals. A bit of zucchini in a bolognaise, beetroot in a chocolate cake, carrot in a muffin. Now Slendier makes it easy for you to hide vegetables in your own healthy adult snacks with their Slendier Smoothies.

Available in four flavour combos, Slendier Smoothies contain the fibre-boosting and craving-crunching konjac, which helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer and make it through the three o’clock slump.

The sweeter toothed will love the simple apple, or apple, strawberry and banana flavours. The more veggie conscious will tuck into pineapple and broccoli or apple, kiwi and spinach – all blended into smooth deliciousness and packed in a convenient and ready-to-go squeezy pack.

While these are great on their own our customers are just loving their versatility.

You can also:

  • Squeeze some onto Greek yoghurt for a flavoursome protein-rich snack
  • Freeze and eat as an ice block on a hot day
  • Freeze and blend for a fruity slush
  • Add it to your Bircher muesli or muesli in the morning

While Slendier has developed a reputation for its pasta and rice replacement products we’re constantly finding new ways to make it easier to have a good food day. We’re always open to customer suggestions and ideas, with some of them including konjac in dark chocolate and konjac cocktails!

With only 52 -62 calories per serve, Slendier Smoothies easily replace calorie dense snacks like muesli bars and slices to help you move towards every day being a good food day.



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