Is the Best Exercise Incidental?

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They call it incidental activity – the movements performed throughout the day that accumulate to form what is almost like another type of exercise. While you shouldn’t use it to avoid properly scheduled and dedicated exercise sessions that combine both cardiovascular and resistance movements, everyone can also make a conscious decision to create more overall activity in their days.

You’ve probably heard much of it before – take the stairs instead of the lift, get off the train a stop early and walk home, get up to change the channel rather than using the remote control. It all sounds so easy, it’s tempting to think there’s not much point. The truth is, however, that incidental exercise adds up and you’ll reach your fitness goals far sooner when you give yourself over to being more active.

Here are a few more ways to incorporate activity into the day:

Stand up more often. It’s not as good as walking, but it’s far better for you than sitting. See if your boss will invest in a standing desk (there are economical versions available from online outlets like Kogan if you work at home) and get vertical when you’re watching television. If that feels a bit awkward, get to your feet every ad break and do something – sweep the floor, do the washing up, organise your book shelf, do some stretches.

Take a meeting outside. How often do you sit discussing issues with a colleague during the week? Wouldn’t it be better to perfect the Sorkin walk and talk? Having a meeting in the park and strolling as you chat has a huge number of benefits. Apart from the activity, movement and a change of scenery can also stimulate fresh ideas. The same goes for phone meetings – put your headphones in and do laps of the oval as you make calls.

Put on some music. Housework is a chore that no one enjoys, but if you choose your favourite tunes, it’ll become so much easier. You’ll want to push that vacuum cleaner with a renewed vigour and dance around while you’re dusting.

Friends with benefits. What do you and your friends do to catch up? Often socialising involves dinner, the pub or going to the movies. Wouldn’t it be great to add some activity to the mix – a yoga class, going for a walk, learning to surf, hitting No Lights No Lycra… Make it fun and you’ll want to make it a regular thing. You can always go for a coffee or dinner afterwards for a more in-depth chat.

Hourly addition. Even when you’re at work and smashing it out at your desk, set an alarm for each hour. It will remind you to get up and take a few minutes’ break: fill up your water bottle down the hall, go up and down the stairs in the fire escape a few times, walk to the other side of the building to ask a colleague a question rather than sending an email. Get creative with how you move and you’ll soon notice the difference.

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