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Stop what you are doing (and eating) – this is the meal plan you’ve been waiting for.

We know it’s hard to stick to bland diets, so we’ve dished up a tasty way to enjoy your favourite meals without the dreaded overload of carbs and calories.

Our new eight-week meal plan is a delicious and nutritious way to get your body back in shape – and keep it that way.

Think prawn stir fries and poké bowls, Chiang Mai chicken curries and smoked salmon frittatas.

Sound good? It is. The Slendier meal plan is nutritionally-balanced, calorie controlled and features plenty of fresh, nutritious foods and recipes to ensure you feel lighter and more energised in no time.

Throughout the plan we use the low-calorie, low-carb Slendier range including our pastas, noodles and smoothies, to get your diet back on track the right way.

Renowned dietitian Susie Burrell says when giving your diet a reboot, it’s important to take time to consider why your health is important.

“In our busy lives it can be easy to forget why we do what we do,” she says.

“You may have started to train regularly to get fit, or to get out and enjoy nature more often. Or you may have always loved to exercise but need to schedule it in to make sure you do it.

“Whatever the reason, rather than looking at eating well and exercising as an extra on your to do list, take time out to remember the reasons you choose to look after your health.

“Once you remove the ‘must do’ from your mind, you will be driven by enjoyment and pleasure, and motivation will be far easier to find.”

She says we should also start by making small changes rather than setting the bar too high, to help ensure we don’t throw in the towel too soon.

Taking an ‘all or nothing approach’ and striving for perfection in diet and workout can ultimately lead to failure.

Other tips include not overthinking your food and exercise program, kicking negative thoughts to the kerb, committing to a ‘no excuses’ mantra and staying the course so the changes develop into core habits.

Download the Slendier eight-week meal plan by clicking HERE now!

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