Self-care tips heading into the festive season

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Feeling overwhelmed? Silly season is on the horizon but for many of us, the craziness has already arrived.

There’s the end of year parties creeping into November nights, the dreaded Christmas shopping lists and plotting out holiday plans… all on top of our regular commitments.

It’s no wonder we often forget to look after ourselves and burn out before the real fun has begun.

But all is not lost. It’s still time to turn the silly season into the festive season with these simple steps:

  1. Plan, plan, plan. Book as many essential appointments as you can pre-December and write/type them into your calendar. This will ensure you cover the basics and avoid double booking, before extra events crop up.
  2. Eat well. It’s an obvious one, but heathy eating can fall by the wayside pretty quickly when you are on the go, or attending numerous treat-filled parties.

    To avoid spending December with indigestion, eat healthy meals as often as you can. A Good Food Day or even a Good Food Meal all count towards a healthier lifestyle.

    Keeping snacks like protein balls or nuts handy can keep hunger pains at bay when you’re out and about. And making a conscious effort to match your flutes of champagne with glasses of water when out on the booze will pay dividends the next day.

  3. Even if it’s just for a bit. Not only does it keep your body in check, it helps release endorphins – those feel good hormones that keep us on a life-loving high. If you can’t get out during the day, grab a friend and hit the dancefloor at night.
  4. Don’t try to do it all. Be strategic and realistic about what you can achieve during this busy period. When you can, outsource tasks that you don’t need to do yourself.

    If your home is a mess, hire a cleaner. If you don’t have time to bake from scratch, buy a pre-made cake and decorate it. Nobody will think less of you, and you’ll reap the mental health benefits. Remember, this time of year is meant to be enjoyable, so focus on the tasks and moments you enjoy.

  5. Pencil in down time. Don’t forget to set aside time to relax and participate in activities you love, as this will make a world of difference to your well-being. That way, when life doesn’t go to plan, you can deal with the curve balls without being a Christmas crank!
  6. Say sayonara, social media. Spend a little less time on scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, as it will only deliver a bad case of FOMO. Remember, everyone celebrates differently, and fabulous, filtered posts don’t always reflect reality.
  7. Put pen to paper. It’s a great time to start reflecting on the year that was, and visualising your desires for the year ahead. If you can’t be bothered putting the words down, grab a pair of scissors and some old magazines to create your own mood board.
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