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Easter is almost upon us (if you haven’t already, mark 30 March to 2 April in your diary) and if you’ve managed to get to this point without organising a holiday, it’s fair to say you’re probably staying at home. Unless you’re incredibly lucky (or independently wealthy) most places will be fully booked.

Luckily, with a tiny bit of planning you can have a super-relaxing holiday at home. Here’s how…

In the week before
Give the house a clean and get all your chores done, so you don’t have to worry about all that stuff for four days (for a real treat, get a cleaner in to do a big spring clean). Get a stack of books you’ve been meaning to read, buy some lovely bath products, ship in some great prepared meals (or prep them yourself) and a bottle of wine, and buy some gorgeous flowers. Depending on your budget, see if there’s a home massage service nearby and book a time. Now, you’re ready to relax.

Device disconnect
Put on your out-of-office, leave an outgoing voicemail on your phone saying you can’t be contacted, then put your phone in a drawer somewhere. You don’t want to be distracted by shady politics on Twitter, friends’ photographs of their Italian break or your folks calling to have a moan about your sibling. This weekend is all about you.

Holiday reading
Grab a great trashy novel, play a little bit of background music then head outside. Spread your towel out under a tree or make a cup of tea and sit on the balcony. Read to your heart’s content without any guilt about what you think you should be doing instead.

Eat well
Make yourself delicious meals ¬– a bowl of fettucine amatriciana, vegetarian burritos, a roast chicken (great for leftovers) – and have a glass of wine if you feel like it. It is also perfectly acceptable to have dessert afterwards or a nap.

Soak it away
Slap on a face mask, comb a treatment through your hair, run the bath and fill it with delicious bubbles then soak your cares away. You can read while you relax, listen to your favourite tunes or just close your eyes and sink in.

Sleep easy
Use your evenings to catch up on the Netflix movies or episodes of Great British Bake-off you’ve been saving, but make sure you don’t stay up till all hours. Go to bed at the normal time and try to get up at about the same time as you would during the week, so you don’t completely disrupt your sleep patterns. In the morning, have a stretch then go for a walk to set yourself up for a relaxing day.

Make a date with yourself
What do you love to do but never seem to have time for? An afternoon at the cinema? A swim at the beach? Having your nails done at the salon? This is your time to do it. Remember, you’re treating this long weekend as an indulgence, so plan an outing or two you’ve been looking forward to.

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