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Cut out thousands of calories from this family favourite. Lasagne is one of Australia’s favourite family dishes. Delicious and filling, with that right mix of softness and crunch…

However, did you know that just one average sheet of lasagne is 300 calories? If you’re looking to lose weight – lasagne is a no-no, but why cut it out when you don’t have to? Slendier Low-Cal Lasagne is only eight calories per sheet. By substituting your regular lasagne sheet with ours you’ll save up to 292 calories per sheet, and potentially thousands of calories from a typical lasagne. It really is possible to lose fat fast while enjoying your favourite comfort foods…The secret to Slendier’s delicious, fat-stripping effect is konjac… an ancient Japanese vegetable used for thousands of years to provide satisfying and low-calorie accompaniment to everyday meals.

Scroll down to discover exactly how Slendier can help you lose fat faster (plus discover even more tips for making healthy, low-cal lasagne).


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Prepare Slendier Lasagne in 4 simple and quick steps:
  1. Open seal and drain away fluid
  2. Rinse well under running water
  3. Leave in hot water for 1 minute, then drain
  4. Add to pasta sauce, stir-fry, soup or salad and enjoy
  • Purified water
  • konjac flour (5%)

Store in a cool dry place. Refrigerate once opened and use within 3 days.

Do not freeze.

Shelf life: 12 months from date of production.

mini-lasagne barilla-lasagne
10 Calories 368.80 Calories
< 0.1g Carbs 13.5g Carbs
5.0g Fibre 4.0g Fibre
< 5mg Sodium 1.2mg Sodium

More great reasons to lose weight eating Lasagne everyday

  • A heart-warming family favourite that can help you lose fat
    Enjoy your favourite Lasagne without the excess calories. Our sheets contain only eight calories per serve... meaning you could eat half a kilogram of our lasagne and have consumed only 50 calories.
  • Reduce excess water weight (and bloating)
    Instantly drop excess water weight by using Slendier instead of your regular pasta. The secret is the extremely low carb content - less than 0.8 grams per serve - which makes Slendier lasagne the perfect choice for Paleo, Atkins and other Low-Carb diets.
  • Packed with hunger-reducing fibre
    The five grams of fiber in every serving of Slendier lasagne ensure you’ll feel fuller for longer and lighter.
  • Discover the ‘1 Minute Lasagne’
    An average lasagne sheet takes 15 minutes to cook to al dente, with Slendier your lasagne will be ready to bake within one minute, allowing you to save time and fit healthy food into your busy schedule.
  • A pure food for people who care about their body
    Slendier Low-Cal Lasagne contains only three ingredients - purified water, konjac and a firming agent. It contains zero gluten, dairy, soy, fat or sugar, and is the perfect food for vegans and conscious eaters who want to perform at their best.

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