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If you’re trying to lose weight (or even if you’re not) you’re bound to have come across one of the many shakes, pills or super diets promising to help you ‘lose fat fast!’. They’re all over magazines and the internet, touting their ability to make weight loss ‘quick and easy’, a process of only ‘three simple steps’.

But while magic pills and celebrity-endorsed diets might seem like a wonderful solution, don’t be fooled. The harsh reality is that weight loss isn’t easy, and there are definitely no shortcuts for achieving your ideal weight. Safe, healthy weight loss takes a lot of effort and time, especially if you want to keep it off for good.

Thankfully, however, there are ways to make the process slightly less torturous, while also helping you stay positive and on-track.

Keep a food diary

Food diaries are common among those trying to lose weight or simply just eat healthier. Writing down all of your meals and snacks in a notebook allows you to review your daily food intake at a glance, helping you to better assess and control your eating habits in the long run.

Exercise with a friend

Committing to frequent exercise is often one of the hardest parts of losing weight, especially for those who are used to being inactive. If you struggle to find motivation to get up and get going, try recruiting an exercise buddy to join you. Exercising with a friend helps you stay accountable and on-track, and is far more enjoyable than exercising alone.

Set smaller, more achievable goals

There’s no use trying to drop 10 kilos in two weeks – it’s not going to happen! Many people make the mistake of setting unrealistic weight loss goals and then become frustrated and discouraged when they fail to achieve them. Instead, set yourself smaller and less daunting goals. Aim to try and drink an extra 500ml of water a day, or climb a flight of stairs without stopping to rest. Realistic goals are easier to achieve, meaning you can smash them out and feel proud and encouraged.

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