Why do I feel so full when I eat konjac products?


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In the battle of the bulge, the best of intentions and an iron will are no match for an empty stomach.

That’s where konjac comes in.

The weight loss wonder food boasts a slimming secret called glucomannan, a natural dietary fibre extracted from the root of the konjac plant.

Konjac has been used for centuries throughout Asia in meals and medicine, and it’s now proving a powerhouse skinny alternative around the world.

The key to satiating hunger is boosting fibre intake, which makes konjac the ideal base for many of Slendier’s popular rice, pasta and noodle products.

The water-soluble fibre keeps you feeling fuller for longer due its amazing ability to absorb liquid.

So, when it’s inside your stomach, it absorbs water and expands, staving off the carb cravings until your next meal.

Similar to tofu, Slendier konjac products have no distinct taste, instead it takes on the delicious flavours that you pair it with, whether it’s a rich tomato-based sauce, or a hearty bolognaise.

Unlike other alternatives to traditional wheat pasta, our noodles and pasta still have a hearty texture, but, incredibly, they have roughly the same calories as a glass of water.

his makes it easier on your waistline to say “more cheese please”, or “ok, one small cheeky glass of wine’ or even just to kick back and say “today has really been a Good Food Day”.

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