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Going low carb seems to be all the rage at the moment. From Kim Kardashian to Halle Berry, every celebrity appears to be adopting the trend.

We spoke to Faye James, author of The Long Life Plan, who features gluten free, low carb and low sugar recipes in her book about why going low carb is so beneficial for your long term health.

“Following a low carb diet that avoids grains, gluten, starchy carbohydrates and refined sugars is extremely beneficial health wise,” says Faye.

“Eating carbohydrates has an impact on our blood sugar and insulin levels which play a part in many chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes, cancer, dementia and cardiovascular disease,” she adds.

According to Faye if you lower your carbohydrate levels then your blood sugars are controlled and insulin spikes are kept to a minimum, meaning you feel more satiated during the day and will be less likely to binge on junk food.

Following a low carb diet is also great for the waistline says Faye.

“The Harvard Public School of Health analysed more than 53 studies from 68,000 participants and found that those following a low carb diet lost more weight than those on low fat diets.”

Want to try it for yourself. Faye recommends you fill up on plenty of good fats such as oily fish and avocado, leafy greens and lean meat.

“You can also use clever swaps for traditional wheat pasta by using bean pastas or instead of rice try cauliflower rice instead,” suggests Faye.

 The Long Life Plan by Faye James, RRP $35, published by New Holland Publishers.

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