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How to Make a Sweet Treat Healthier


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When you’re trying to lose weight or simply eat a little better, it’s horrible to feel as though you’re in complete denial. Don’t be. It’s OK to treat yourself occasionally, and it’s simple to adjust some of your favourite recipes to give them a healthy makeover.


Cut the fat

When you’re baking muffins or cakes, halve the quantity of butter and replace the other half with unsweetened apple sauce, pureed prunes or mashed bananas. You can also replace full-cream milk with the non-fat version (you’ll save about 8 grams of fat and almost 90 calories per cup).


Send off sugar

There’s often no need to include nearly as much sugar as a recipe lists. Just halve it and instead add flavour with spices (like cinnamon and nutmeg) or add a little sweetness with some vanilla extract.


Leave it naked

Toppings can add all sorts of unwanted calories and fat, so forget about icing, frosting and whipped cream. Replace instead with a sprinkle of desiccated coconut.


Slim savoury, too

You can also use all these tricks for savoury dishes. Steer clear of condiments wherever you can (they’re notoriously packed with fat, sugar and salt) and when a recipe calls for cheese, cut the amount suggested in half. Take these tricks on board and you’ll be improving the nutrition value of your meals without losing any of the flavour.