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Are you on a weight loss journey? Maybe you follow a keto lifestyle or are gluten-free, dairy-free, or egg-free. You might even be a vegan or vegetarian, or simply enjoy eating tasty and nutritious food every day.

Whatever the reason, Slendier has you covered with a range of pasta, noodles, rice and sauces that are made to help you reach your health goals, while still eating the foods you love. Made with quality organic ingredients, our products are quick and easy to prepare, making every day a good food day.

Our Story

Slendier is driven by the mission to promote healthy eating, empowering people to enjoy the foods they love without any of the guilt.

Our journey into the world of wellness began when we discovered the konjac root, a game-changing ugly little root vegetable that takes on any flavour and boasts extraordinary health benefits. Now, we travel the world to bring you konjac, ancient beans and the healthiest ingredients to your table.

Our products are packed full of everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Feel the difference for yourself today.


Our products are available in the health aisle at Woolworths and the main pasta aisle at Coles in Australia.

You can purchase Slendier products directly on our website.

Slendier Konjac and Bean Pastas are gluten free and endorsed by Coeliac Australia and Coeliac UK. They’re also great for diabetics, weight loss, and for those who just generally want to live a healthier everyday life. Slendier products are dairy free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. All of our products are subjected to regular laboratory testing.

For wholesale enquiries please contact us via our contact form here

Once your online order is placed, we’ll deliver straight to your door within our standard delivery time of 3-10 working days. We deliver products Australia-wide using Australia Post and other contracted agents. There may be an additional shipping fee for addresses outside the contractor’s service areas.

The products in our Konjac Range are all Kosher certified under SKS Supervision

We recommend eating Slendier products when they are freshly cooked for optimum taste and enjoyment.

Once opened, our products can be kept for 1-3 days if properly sealed and refrigerated. Our bean pasta can be stored in a container in the pantry for two years if uncooked.

We don’t recommend freezing the Konjac Range because konjac flour has a high water content. This means that while Slendier products do freeze easily, they tend to go mushy when thawing.

We primarily source and produce our noodle and pasta products in China due to its ideal climate for konjac growth. China is the world’s leading konjac producer.

Our pasta sauces are made in Italy.

We have taken extraordinary measures to ensure that our products are grown and manufactured to the highest standards. Whenever possible, we conduct regular in-person visits to our fields and production plants to ensure world-class standards of hygiene, manufacturing, and processing. We also regularly conduct “e-inspections” of our offshore facilities.

We guarantee that all our processing and manufacturing adhere to the highest food safety standards.

We accept returns for faulty Slendier goods returned in original packaging and condition within 14 days of purchase (excluding postage & handling).

We do not accept returns for change of mind. This only applies to products purchased through the Slendier website. For full terms & conditions please visit: slendier.com/terms-of-use

These brown spots are natural parts of the Konjac bark. They are completely safe to consume and do not change the taste or texture of the noodle.

The Slendier Konjac Range contains 11 calories per serve. The recommended serving size is 125g (drained product) and our konjac product contains two servings per pack.

Slendier’s Bean Pasta products all contain 115 calories (or 480 kilojoules) per 100g. The recommended serving size is 50g and all our bean pasta products contain four servings per pack.

Our pasta sauces all contain approximately 60 calories (or 240 kilojoules) per 100g serve.

The recommended serving size is 85g and all our bean pasta products contain four servings per pack.

Most people will need to limit their total carbohydrate intake to under 50 grams per day to reach ketosis. Our snack products are all lower in carbohydrates and enable you to stay in ketosis when coupled with lower carbohydrate meals – such as those made with our Konjac or Bean Pastas. For recipe ideas on low-carbohydrate meals, click here.

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