Six ways to trick yourself into drinking more water

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We all know how important drinking water is, right? So important, that without it, we’d die. Literally.

We’re here to give you a few tips on how you can make sure you’re drinking those magical eight cups a day. Never again will you feel dehydrated, never again will someone water shame you!

OK, here’s our favourite six tips to trick yourself to drink more water:

Hide it in your daily routine

Seriously, anything you do on the regular – just add water. Breakfast in the morning? Add a glass a water. Driving to work? Take a sip at every set of traffic lights you hit. Stuck at your desk? Every time you get a new email, take a sip.

It’s that simple. You stick to this and you’ll be drinking yourself under the table (with H2O) in no time!

Buy a pretty water bottle and mark some drinking goals on it

Treat yo’ self and buy a beautiful, BPA-free reusable bottle. Go for metal or glass ones, with pretty patterns. You can find some great options at Kmart, Typo or even your fave athleisure wear stores.

Then, get a permanent marker and put some time goals on there. Mark the water level you want to be at 8am, 10am, noon, 3pm and 5pm. You want to be aiming for a glass of water each hour (that’s about 250ml).

Or find a water bottle that tells you when drink. They exist – check out:

Make it a game

If you’re setting yourself drinking goals, then you should be rewarding yourself when you reach them. Research has shown that gamification (that is, turning things into a game) helps people actually get shit done.

So, you drank eight cups of water today? Yay, go you – you deserve a new lip balm/ car wash/ toy. Reward yourself, but only when you tick those boxes.

Set some alarms

Put that iPhone to good use and schedule in hourly reminders to drink water. Got a smart watch? Program that baby to buzz you on the hour so you remember to hydrate.

Make it fun

Who said water had to be boring? Cut up your favourite fruits (think lemons, oranges, limes and strawberries) or herbs (think mint) and mix them in!

They even look prettier in a clear water bottle – go for glass and then take a snap and share on Instagram. Your friends are already jealous… #stayhydrated

Eat it!

Don’t be fooled that you always have to drink water to consume it. Eat water-heavy foods such as watermelon, celery, cucumber and berries! Yum-my.

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