We chat trends in the fitness world with the founder of a Melbourne spin studio

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Michaela Fellner, Founder of spin studio, Bodhi & Ride talks to us about all things fitness.

  • What are the new fitness trends in Australia for 2019?

I can see a lot of new cardio-based brands hitting the street, which is great! Especially in Melbourne, which has been so heavily dominated by Pilates and yoga.

  • What fitness gadgets or apps do you use regularly?

Definitely Spotify…  it’s my go-to for upbeat tunes and to create thumping playlists for my classes. I also like Fit Radio, which is a great resource for new and up-and-coming DJs. And I can’t forget my Apple Watch. I can’t leave the house without it.

  • What are your non-negotiables for a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine?

I honestly live and breathe this lifestyle to the point where I call myself a ‘Wellness Method Entrepreneur’. Kind of like method actors who truly throw themselves in to a certain character – it’s the same as what I do with this business. 

I pretty much wear activewear every day, even to corporate meetings. I work out every day. I’ve cut out all alcohol and nasties and try to live on a wholly vegetarian diet. Sleep is the main thing that keeps me going, and yoga to balance out my body.

  • How are Bodhi & Ride spin classes different compared to your competitors?

Bodhi classes are totally different! Firstly, the music is created to match the class structure – there are no radio edits, just remixes and awesome tunes (if you like cover music it might not be the place for you)! Secondly, equipment. Our bikes are top of the game, power metered. We give you cycle shoes to wear so you’re connected to the bike and you get a much better and safer workout as a result. The room is dark with candles and LEDs to create a relaxed yet motivating vibe. Plus, it’s a full body workout on a bike led by high energy, highly trained, motivating instructors.

  • What are the health benefits of doing a spin class?

There are many! To improve your cardio fitness, strength and tone your body. Most of all – to zone out and sweat out!

  • Can any age or fitness level participate in a spin class?

Pretty much. We have a few teens, so it’s 15 years’ plus. As long as you are tall enough. We also have a few ‘oldies,’ 50+, still healthy, fit and bad-ass! I love them the most.

  • For spin and exercise beginners, where do I start?

Sign up for an intro offer and join our level one classes. They are perfect for beginners. – less intense and more nurturing.

  • How often would you recommend participating in a spin class?

To really see results, probably three to four classes a week.

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