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It seems we are a nation of snack lovers. Whether it’s a salty cracker, a rice cracker, a vegetable chip, some cheese, cucumber with a sprinkle, a crispbread or a juicy fruit snack – we’re into it!

Roy Morgan reported that more than a quarter of Australian is considered heavy snackers (eating 7 or more different snack items in a week) and that the most popular packaged snack items are Savoury Snacks eaten by 66% of Australians followed by Healthy Snacks (54.7%).

In fact, the biggest growth category in the last decade is healthy snacks; the figures show a 3.2 per cent increase in the past ten years. Interestingly, the popularity of sweet biscuits has gone down by 8.2 per cent in the same timeframe.

So, it seems Aussies are increasingly craving healthy snacks. But the question remains: “What kind of snack person are you?”

Little lunch morsel for kids and grownups

This snacker needs a little something to tide them over until lunchtime. Filling up before lunch is not an option so a light fruit smoothie or a healthy snack bar and some juice to keep the hydration up is ideal for the lunchbox.

After school munchies for the littles

Everyone still needs to eat their dinner, but it does seem like a treat is needed as a reward for getting through the day. A healthy snack bar or a fruity smoothie are the rewards to have in the pantry for little people who have grumbly tummies and simply can’t last until dinner.

That 3.30pm fix for the worker

There’s nothing like that low blood sugar low at 3.30pm. It can drive you to hover around the vending machine like a moth to a lightbulb, or to rummage into the desk drawers looking for junk food. Keeping the calorie count under 200 for a snack is a good idea for most people and so a fruity smoothie, a healthy snack bar or a cracker with some cheese or hummus might be in order.

Post-workout snack for the sweaty

This snacker needs a good hit of protein. If you’d rather eat whole food than grab a protein shake you could snack on a low carb crispbread or cracker with some poached chicken breast and spinach or a handful of nuts.

Pre-dinner snack for adults

Let’s face it, there are times when all you want is a delicious white wine, a cocktail, beer or mocktail with a salty snack, a laugh and a chance to watch the sun set on another day. This is where some nuts, olives, a sliver of prosciutto and a little slice of cheese on a yummy cracker is just the ticket.


No matter what type of snacker you are, Slendier Snack Range got you covered, as we hope you keep it healthy and keep it delicious!

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