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We love interacting with all our customers through phone calls, emails, and social media.

One question that comes up occasionally for us really has us stumped is ‘why do our bean pastas have less carbs and calories than others on the market?’.

Our first response is ‘what do you mean you’ve been casting your eyes on other bean pastas?’, but then we pull ourselves together and understand that even though you’ve looked around it’s us you always come back to.

Then we wonder if it’s a sneaky round of competitor research, where people are reaching out to learn all our trade secrets.

The reality is, we have no idea why Slendier bean pastas have lower amounts of carbohydrates and calories compared to others on the market. As a business, we really just try to focus on creating the best products we can, without wondering what other people are doing.

The entire Slendier range is subject to our compliance program, which includes independent laboratory testing of our products to confirm ingredients, nutritional information (calories, carbs, protein, etc) and allergens (e.g. gluten).

This information is used on our packaging, which is also independently signed off to ensure we comply with Australian and New Zealand food standards, making the information provided accurate and regularly checked.

The Slendier vision is to create the most comprehensive range of health foods that don’t compromise on taste.

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